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Pitching Report

The Jammers 3.39 team ERA is seventh in the league and keeps me thinking this team isn’t as bad as their 6-11 record would indicate. What’s helped is arguably the best bullpen in the league.

Entering play Friday, Jamestown had a bullpen ERA of 2.23, nearly 3 runs better than the starters, who come in at 5.10. Jamestown has still only had two starts get through six innings and none have started the seventh. Thus, the bullpen has thrown 96.2 innings versus just 65.1 out of the starters.

Now, there might be more talent in the bullpen, and with a 14-man staff, it’s hard to blame manager Angel Espada for using the bullpen so much this year.

Regardless, here’s a rundown of what the rest of the roadstand might look like:

Friday, July 6 at Staten Island

The Jammers really need this one. They still haven’t won a series (while splitting three) and tonight gives them a chance to do so against one of the bottom teams in the league. Plus, Jamestown has a three-gamer with Brooklyn coming up, who tied for the best record in the league at 13-5. Don’t want to finish this stand up 1-4 and if they don’t win tonight, they’ll have to win the series against Brooklyn to do better than 1-4.

Regardless, I’ll say it’s Blake Logan tonight, even though Jamestown has yet to announce its starter. Logan has thrown well in two outings this year and threw three no-hit innings Sunday. Which mean, I’ll assume Ryan Newell also gets two innings today. Assuming Logan goes five, that will leave an inning or two for the rest of the staff.

Tops on my list would probably be Bryan Berglund if the Jammers are losing. Berglund now hasn’t thrown in eight days and has thrown just once in the last 12 days. He’s been used the least among Jammers relievers.

Lefty Beau Wright also hasn’t thrown in three days and should be fully rested from his 3-inning outing on Monday.

If winning, Nick Wittgren will be called upon to close it out. I would assume Miguel Fermin is ready to go as well for the eighth inning.

Saturday, July 7 at Brooklyn

This will be Matt Milroy. Milroy has gone two, then three, then four innings in his first three starts. It’s not a pattern or coincidence. His pitch counts haven’t been overly high in any of them. The former reliever is being stretched out and I’d assume they’ll aim for five Saturday.

This is where you’ll definitely see Berglund if he doesn’t throw Friday. And the same can be said for Beau Wright. I also think you’ll probably see Brian Ellington on this night.

Again if winning, some combination of Wittgren/Fermin/Jheyson Manzueta will be employed.

Sunday, July 8 at Brooklyn

Back to staff ace Helpi Reyes, who’s actually been pretty good this year. His last start got washed after 2.1 innings, and while those numbers won’t effect his ERA until the game is finished, they aren’t in the books now. So, it will only be his fourth start and with him not getting much work last time out because of the rain, I’d assume Jamestown will look for Reyes to go as long as he can.

Guys like Frankie Reed, Manzueta and Ellington will be in the discussion here. Berglund another possibility if he throws an inning Friday.

Monday, July 9 at Brooklyn

Ramon Del Orbe will get the start. He’s been a rollercoaster this year, with enough up-and-downs to make Espada nauseous for sure. He had two pretty decent starts to begin his year, but has been tough to watch since then. Monday will be a good test for the righthander.

Tuesday, July 10, off day

Jammers will return home. 12 of their next 15 will be at home. Not falling too far come behind come Tuesday will be important.


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