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Jammers-DoubleDays Lineups

July 2, 2012 Leave a comment

I will not be in attendance tonight. Long day at the paper with the holiday Wednesday. Won’t be at tomorrow’s either, sadly, because it’s a 6-game roadstand to follow.

Lineups for July 2


1. Yefri Perez – DH
2. Pedro Mendoza – 3B
3. Austin Nola – SS
4. Viosergy Rosa – 1B
5. Jesus Solorzano – LF
6. Anthony Gomez – 2B
7. Jose Behar – C
8. Cameron Flynn – RF
9. Juancito Martinez – CF

SP – Matt Milroy


1. J.R. Higley – LF
2. Tony Renda – 2B
3. Shawn Pleffener – 1B
4. Angelberth Montilla – CF
5. Carlos Alvarez – 3B
6. Wander Ramos – RF
7. Craig Manuel – DH
8. Stephen Perez – SS
9. Spencer Kieboom – C

SP – Blake Monar


Well, manager Angel Espada appears to have finally settled on a lineup, or is at least riding out this group, which is riding a two-game winning streak.

That means no Anthony Gomez, at the top, at least. Gomez is back in the lineup after sitting out the last two days. He’s back, but hitting sixth. Top of the order stays the same with Perez, Mendoza and Nola. Hard to argue, they’ve been hitting.

Viosergy Rosa gets the nod at first again, too. Felix Munoz is hitting, and hitting a ton. But, after splitting time 50/50, it’s Rosa for the third day in a row and fifth out of the last six.

Same can be said for Behar and the catching position. While basically going every other day, Behar had started multiple games in a row just once before this stretch (at two). This will be start No. 3 in a row.

And, Kentrell Dewitt must really be hurt. Dewitt was lifted after the second inning yesterday. Not sure where or what he hurt, either, and the staff is mum on his condition. Dewitt missed three games in a row (Games No. 3-5) but again, the staff said no injury. I considered it strange because Jamestown only has four outfielders and nobody else had had more than a day off in a row besides the struggling Flynn who got two days off in a row once.