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Jammers win 7-5, move to 3-2

I’ll recap this quick because there’s a lot I want to hit on today.

Jamestown won 7-5 thanks to another barrage of hits and a solid enough of a performance from the bullpen. The Jammers are over .500 for the first time this season and seem to really have their offense moving.

The good: The bats keep moving. 12 more hits Friday night and everybody in the lineup had one except for Cameron Flynn. Felix Munoz was the star with three hits and is now 5-for-10 on the season. Angel Espada has an interesting dilemma over at first with Munoz and Viosergy Rosa both hitting well.

The bad: Have I mentioned the starting pitching before? We knew Friday would be no different but it’s so hard to rely on your bullpen for 21 outs. Saturday will be interesting to see how long Helpi Reyes goes in his second start.

The game was over when: Batavia had cut the lead to 6-5 and had the tying run on third base with nobody out in the bottom of the seventh. Jheyson Manzueta got a groundout and strikeout before giving way to lefty specialist Frankie Reed to get the final out of the inning. Jamestown tacked on another run and Batavia never put together another rally.

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