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Jammers-Muckdogs Lineups


1. CF Juancito Martinez
2. LF Kentrell Dewitt
3. 1B Felix Munoz
4. 3B Matt Juengel
5. DH Austin Nola
6. RF Jesus Solorzano
7. SS Rony Peralta
8. 21 C Sharif Othman
9. 2B Yefri Perez

SP — Helpi Reyes

1. SS Anthony Melchionda
2. 2B Breyvic Valera
3. 3B Jacob Wilson
4. RF Roberto Reyes
5. 1B David Bergin
6. 3B David Washington
7. C Jonathan Keener
8. LF Gary Apelian
9. 1B Steve Ramos

SP — Tim Cooney

Quick thoughts: Nice to see Kentrell Dewitt back in the lineup after sitting out the last three. Spot starts for Peralta, Othman and Perez. Not too much of a surprise for any of them. However, the glaring omission has to be Anthony Gomez who’s been playing really well.

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