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Pitching Report: June 21

As I outlined in our all-new Usage Chart, only three pitchers haven’t been used yet in the Jammers first three games this season. Matt Milroy and Drew Steckenrider were both relievers in college last year, so I’d assume Ryan Newell (7th round pick out of Shorter University) will start either tonight or tomorrow.

But, if they don’t go to a 4-man rotation (and I don’t know why they would) the smart money would be on Steckenrider (8th round pick out of Tennessee) being the other starter. Milroy appears to strictly be a one inning guy.

The Jammers used five pitchers Monday, four Tuesday and five Wednesday. Of the starters, only Del Orbe and Hope have gone into the fourth with neither going into the fifth. Bryan Berglund and Miguel Fermin each threw twice on Monday and Wednesday.

What to expect Thursday:

For whatever reason, Jamestown appears settled on not pushing starters too much in their first start. So whoever starts today and tomorrow won’t go more than four innings. As was the case with Reyes on Monday, if either falters, they’ll probably only go three.

So who will we see today? I’ll say Newell will start. I would expect Beau Wright, Jake Esch and Matt Milroy will get work as well. A save situation will likely call for Nick Wittgren. I think we’d all like to see Jheyson Manzueta again and I wouldn’t rule him out for tonight, either. Certainly some combination of those five will work the last five or six innings tonight.

What to expect Friday:

Again, I have no idea who is going to start, but I’ll say Steckenrider. If any of those five I mentioned for Thursday don’t throw (and someone assuredly won’t), they’ll definitely get work Friday. On top of that, Sean Donatello could be in line for an inning or two. I don’t think we’ll see Fermin either day. He’s looked great but two innings Monday, day off Tuesday and two more innings Wednesday deserves at least two days off. Expect him Saturday.

What to expect Saturday:

Back to Opening Day starter Helpi Reyes. Who I think would be stretched out to five innings. After that, who knows at this point.


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